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New rewards design and formatting

The rewards design was revised in June 2022 and the Ranked Battle formats (Wild and Modern) were released in July.

Ranked battle Requirements and Rewards[Splinterlands] Wild/Modern ranked battle! Requirements and Rewards

Chaos Legion Sales

To be created…

Strategy Guides

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Game system

Game systemContent

Card packs, potions, skins, and guild items available for purchase.

Card packs purchased at the SHOP can be opened.

Cards/lands/skins etc can be bought/sold (secondary distribution), and cards rented.

Can view, level up, send, sell, rent, delegate, lock and burn your cards.

Ranked battles and battles with friends.

Participation in tournaments organized by Splinterlands management team and players.

Can join a guild and have guild battles.

Game overview


Are you tired of card games that require a huge amount of time per play?

The rapid battles in Splinterlands are fast and furious, each game only taking a few minutes. You can play anytime, anywhere, trade/rent items, and earn money. Win battles and receive cryptocurrency and cards to achieve higher leagues and higher rewards.

Game titleSplinterlands
Game typeTrading Card Games
Blockchain Games
Official sitehttps://splinterlands.com/
Official Discordhttps://discord.gg/splinterlands
Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/splinterlands

Game features

Deck building

Once you are matched with an opponent, you build your deck under all kinds of constraints (which change from battle to battle). Cards have strengths and weaknesses depending on the constraints, so there is no such thing as the strongest card. Many cards will work well.

Within the battle constraints (mana cost, specified rulesets, and colors that can be used), build up your deck while guessing your opponent’s thoughts. When you finish submitting the deck, an auto-battle will begin. It is a great feeling when you win according to your strategy, and it will be so frustrating when you lose that you will want to throw your smartphone away. lol

How to start and play SplinterlandsHow to start/play Splinterlands [Latest Complete Guide]

Tokens price